Timber Tools

Timber Tools with straight edge

Sizes:    Art.-No.:
1"           TI6000.1"
1 1/2"     TI6000.1 1/2"
2"           TI6000.2"

Timber Tools with round edge

Sizes:    Art.-No.:
1"           TIR6000.1"
1 1/2"     TIR6000.1 1/2"
2"           TIR6000.2"

                      New forging procedure, unique in the world!
                     -the new series follows the design of the turn of the century,
                       in the form developed by Barr Tools with the handle set in a sleeve
                     -hight edge-holding, elasticity and useful life extended
                     -optimal performance characteristics, as with hand-forged tools
                     -hardness level of 61 HRC along the entire use length

                       Timber-Tools "Slick" 

                        straight edge with
                        extra long handle
                        Blade length 7"
                        Handle length 31"


  Blade length 7", Total length 18"

-for professional construction of log cabins and half-timbered houses
-for preparing dovetail connection joints - ceiling joists
-finishing work on the saddles

Timber Tools - Set in wooden box

3-pcs, straight edge
Sizes: 1, 1 1/2, 2"

Art.-No.: TI13103.03

                               For chiselling out
                               the longitudinal
                               grooves of bars

                     Sizes:    Art.-No.:
                     1"           TIS6000.1"
                     1 1/2"     TIS6000.1 1/2"
                     2"           TIS6000.2"

Blockhouse - Framing Gouge

Finishing work on round longitudinal grooves of the
bars in external visible areas           Sweep 5

Sizes:       Art.-No.: 
1"              TIH6005.1"
1 1/2"        TIH6005.1-1/2"
2"              TIH6005.2"


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